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Historical interpretative boards erected around Whitehills highlight the heritage of the village. The boards help draw visitors and locals into exploring the older, western part of the village, which is often overlooked.

The information on the boards was researched by former ‘Banffie’ reporter Kenny Ritchie, after he was recruited by the community council.

And photos were contributed for the boards by a number of local people after an appeal in the ‘Banffshire Journal’.

Duncan Leece of the Community Council, said that the boards did not really form a trail, but are intended to draw visitors and locals to the older and more historical side of the village. He said: “They form a trail in as much as it takes you through the older part of Whitehills. The bit of the village with the harbour is really relatively modern. The western part of the village is older. This tour is to take you through the western part of the village, which is often overlooked by visitors.

“The boards speak about things like how the fishing industry developed. The western part of the village probably has more history, but it’s not the bit most people go to.

“There are five different sites at the bullring, the church, the public hall, Downies and at the Low Shore area.”

A number of contributors handed over old photographs to help illustrate the history of the village as well. Mr Leece added: “What we’d like to do is highlight Kenny’s contribution in putting it together. Thanks go to all the local people who dug out photographs.

The idea for the boards was inspired by a community council project in 2003, which upgraded the coastal footpath from Whitehills harbour to Banff harbour.

To download copies of the Whitehills & District Community Council Heritage Trail Boards, click on the links below:

Commerce and Fishing
Housing and Infrastructure
The Hythe
Whitehills Parish Church
Whitehills Public Hall

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